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Cassandra, Tax Preparer
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Experience:  8yrs experience in taxation for individuals. CTEC Registered and an Authorized E-filer with the IRS
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My husband has not filed a tax return in about 8 years. He ...

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My husband has not filed a tax return in about 8 years. He has been working under the table in the painting business since that time. I have not worked at a job for an extended period of time for about 10 years. I have had a couple of jobs here and there. We are wondering if we are in trouble for not do so. If we get jobs where taxes are witheld, will we be in trouble with the IRS for not filing in the past ten years. In the past we filed jointly either under my name or under my husband''s name. Please advise.
HelloCustomerand welcome to just answer.

I would recommend finiding out what has been reported to the IRS by your previous employers and or self employment. You can do this by filing a 4506-t and mailing it in or by calling the irs at (800)–829–1040. Thier will be no cost to you to do this. By filing this form you will find out all the income items that the IRS is aware of. If you do not have any prior tax liablity then their will be no problems with you moving on. If the IRS thinks you may have any tax liablity then they will notify you. At that point you may want to file taxes for the years that the IRS is claiming you owe them for, as sometimes, you won't actually owe anything. Chances are that if you worked under the table and it wasn't reported then the IRS will not have this info anyway. If you were paying income taxes when you had a W-2 job, then a good chance you may have actually qualified for a refund. However, you can only get refunds up to 3 years back. Here is a link to the 4506-t

Please let me know if this is has not answered your question fully.
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