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i own a condo in one state and it stays empty

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i own a condo in one state and it stays empty when i''m not there. however, i now rent an apartment and work full time in another state. the state where i own the condo is where my car is registered, where i have my driver''s license, where i am registered to vote, and where my bank is...but i do not work in that state. how is this going to affect taxes next year...


If you are not a resident of the state where you own your condo and have no earned income in that state, then you should not owe any state income taxes in the state where your condo is located. This is no different than having a vacation home located in another area. The fact that you are registered to vote there and have your driver's license there are not factors that determine your state tax liability.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Merlo's Post: i understand what you wrote but i am looking for more...i itemize and even when not working in that state, have had to file a state tax form. how does it affect everything when now most of my primary time is spent and all of my income is earned in another state...when i itemize next year, will my mortgage interest in the one state be deductible in the state where i am making's not the state where i own a residence...
Yes, your mortgage interest is deductible no matter where the property is located. In fact, when you fill out your tax forms, the mortgage interest statement that you get from your lender generally does not even show the location of the property that the mortgage pertains to. It only shows your name and address and social security number and the amount of interest you paid. As far as needing to file a state return, you should be filing a return in the state where you are actually a resident and earning your income, and not in the state where your condo is located.
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