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The Guy Behind the Tree
The Guy Behind the Tree, Experienced Investor & Financier
Category: Tax
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Home buisness in Canada

Customer Question

I have just retired with a buyout at age 55. I have mad over 100k this year already and get a 3200 per moth pension. I have a chance to work for a company for $15 per hour but in my tax bracket It wouldn't be worth it. Can I start a home based buisness or Corp or what ever to help me out I really want this job.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  The Guy Behind the Tree replied 9 years ago.
Those who want to start home businesses the world around should take care. Be very, very careful.

There are a number of people making good money - selling seminars about working at home.

One of these businesses is for people hoping to sell goods on-line, and have perhaps a drop-shipping company send the goods to your customer. You would remit the wholesale price to the drop-shipper and retain the profit.

This is a legitimate business plan. However, all the drop-shippers that participate in these plans on-line already have dozens or hundreds of retailers doing what you are considering doing.

The plan doesn't work for this reason. (Not because of the drop-shippers, but because of all your competition who have already paid for the business plan and the list of drop-shippers.)

You are going to need a unique product, OR a unique selling proposition, to be successful with an on-line business plan. This means you are going to have to offer something different than anyone else, or be able to market it entirely differently than anyone else.

That's my opinion, based on seeing many people try this - including my own son!

Other forms of work-at-home are alleged paying jobs for envelope stuffing, report writing, mystery shopping, data entry, on-line stores, and that sort of thing. Almost all of these are characterized by requiring a non-refundable application fee or an application fee you can “work off”. DO NOT sign up for anything with an application fee, these are “Little Cons” in that you will never qualify for the refund of your fee. The ENTIRE object is to get and keep your application fee.

Or worse.

Still other forms of work-at-home are money forwarding, loan brokering, and that sort of thing. THESE are BIG CONS, one day you will receive a check that looks good but isn’t, and you will send out a slightly smaller check that you will be liable for no matter what, their check won’t clear but you will still owe the money. If you want links that discuss these cons more fully let me know. DON’T get involved with these cons either.

So what SHOULD you do?

If you have marketable skills, such as computer training or typing or essay writing, place your business cards wherever people go: doctor's offices, markets, dentists, etc. Hand them out in public places. Make your own opportunities in this manner.

Once you have found your niche, THEN you will be ready for many of the resource articles on business, home-based and otherwise, offered by “Dr. Laura”:

The "businesses for sale" and the big and small cons will take your money. Don't waste your time and money making someone else's business plan work.

You are not alone in wanting to stay out of the rat race. Here is a site that might provide you some additional encouragement:

Hope these thoughts help.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Not the answer I am looking for. Sorry