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Yesterday at a NYS racino, I won a mere $807.00. A special ...

Resolved Question:

Yesterday at a NYS racino, I won a mere $807.00. A special voucher came out of the slots and I had to go to the cashier. Before, they would cash the voucher, I was told I had to give them an identification, along with my social security card, as this type of winning had to go into the computer. I explained that this amount of money was not taxable, but the cashier insisted that it was a state law and if I did not comply, she would not cash the voucher. Since when was this law instituted and can they use it to add more winnings to this amount until the amount becomes taxeable? Also, how can I prove what I gambled to offset the winnings. There are no receipts given for what you spend!.   Thank you. [email protected]
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Merlo replied 9 years ago.

Hello maxwell,

Many of the casinos across the country are now requiring this type of information, and it is usually because the state gaming commissions are requesting that it be kept on file. But no, if you have future winnings later in the year, they will not combine all of these and end up sending you a form that you must report your winnings. As far as proving what you spent on your gambling losses, the best way to do this is ask the casino to provide you with a loss statement. If you use a players card each time you gamble, they will have a record of everything you have spent. You can also keep your own manual records which could be verified by bank withdrawals or credit card advances.

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