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What portion of the California Vehicle

Resolved Question:

What portion of the California Vehicle registration fee is deductible on my IRS form 1040?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Brad replied 9 years ago.



The example below was extracted from IRS Publication 17 and makes the answer to your question very clear and shows that you can deduct that portion of the tax that is derived from the value of the vehicle.


Your state charges a yearly motor vehicle registration tax of 1% of value plus 50 cents per hundredweight. You paid $32 based on the value ($1,500) and weight (3,400 lbs.) of your car. You can deduct $15 (1% × $1,500) as a personal property tax because it is based on the value. The remaining $17 ($.50 × 34), based on the weight, is not deductible.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to TaxPro's Post: Where do I find out what portion of the registration fee is based on value?
Expert:  Brad replied 9 years ago.

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From your vehicle registration, you should be able to find the weight of your vehicle.

1. Divide the weight by 100.

2. Multiple that amount by 0.50 to find the part of the tax that is based on the weight of the vehicle. Since this amount of the tax is not deductible, you can subtract it from the total tax bill to arrive at the deductible portion.

In the above example we had a 3400 pound vehicle; therefore,

3400/100 = 34

0.50 x 34 = $17 tax on the weight

The total bill was $32, so $32 - 17 = $15 which is the deductible portion of the tax.



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