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Can you claim rent on your taxes in Illinois

Customer Question

We rent an apartment in Illinois, can we take part of our rent off of our taxes?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Brad replied 9 years ago.


1. I believe that you are referring to the 5% Property Tax Credit. There is NO Federal or State deduction for personal rent expense in Illinois(and probably in every other state). If the apartment happened to be used exclusive as an office for an active business the rent would be a business deduction; as a personal residence, there is no rent deduction. In addition, the 5% property tax credit in Illinois does NOT apply to apartments.

How can I calculate the credit for the property tax I paid?

This credit is generally five percent of the property tax you paid for real estate that included your principal residence. For more information, please refer to Pub-108, Illinois Property Tax Credit.

See State of Illinois Website:

...taxpayers who rent, rather than own, their home, are completely ineligible for the property tax credit.

2. Please visit the following website to see all aspects of the Illinois tax system. It is presented in a compact format and clearly addresses the variety of taxes.

3. I do not know if you are senior citizens. If so, you should consider the Circuit Breaker program in Illinois. Do visit the website: to discover whether you qualify for this grant.

4. Website:

The Senior Citizens Tax Deferral Program, which may defer all real estate taxes and assessments, is also an option, as is the Circuit Breaker Program, which provides a grant to low-income seniors to assist with the cost of property taxes, rent, and similar housing expenses. The Circuit Breaker program is open to disabled persons as well, including those under 65, provided they are unable to work. Also available to disabled taxpayers is the Illinois Disabled Veterans Exemption, which may be up to $58,000 of the assessed value of certain types of housing, provided the home is occupied by a disabled veteran or his/her surviving unmarried spouse.

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