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What taxes become free after age 65 in Alabama If its ...

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What taxes become free after age 65 in Alabama? If its property taxes what portion such as city, county or school tax?
What would be the real estate tax on a home valued at $175,000 in Lee county Alabama?
There are a couple property tax exemptions for people over 65 in Alabama. These are part of the Homestead Exemptions.

You may qualify for the Homestead – Age and Income exemption.
Based on 2006 Federal Income Tax Return for 2008 Property Tax Bill you will be totally exempt from property taxes on your residence. You must meet the following conditions to qualify for this part of the act:
* Must be 65 years of age or older
* Annual Federal taxable income may not exceed $7500.00
* Age and income based exemptions must be evidenced by Federal Income Tax Return for the current year or a signed affidavit provided by Revenue Commissioner
* Line numbers on Federal Income Tax Return, which are used to determine eligibility, are listed below:
1040             Line 43
1040A           Line 27
1040EZ        Line   6
* Federal Income Tax Return MUST be a copy of signed document that was mailed to the Internal Revenue Service. Work sheet copies are not allowed.

The key there is that you can have no more than $7500 Federal Taxable income.

If you can't qualify for that you may still qualify for Act 91 Homestead – Age and Income Exemption.           

Based on 2006 Alabama State Income Tax Return for 2008 Property Tax Bill.

Must be 65 or older but income limit increased to $12000.00 adjusted gross income on State of Alabama Income Tax Return. Requirements are:
* Must be age 65 or older
* Homestead exemption allowance increased to $5000.00
* Exemption only available on primary residence. Applicant cannot have homestead on another home anywhere else.
Line number on Alabama Income Tax Return, which are used to determine eligibility, are listed below:      
40        Line 11
40A      Line 8

This will exempt you from up to $5000.00 of your property tax on your residence.

If you have too high a taxable income for that you will still qualify for the Act 91B exemption simply by being 65 or older. This will make you exempt from only the state portion of your property tax.

To find the real estate tax you'll want to contact the Lee County Revenue Commissioner at(NNN) NNN-NNNN They don't list the current property tax rate on-line.

If I can help in any other ways please let me know!
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