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is there a statute of limitations on collecting ...

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is there a statute of limitations on collecting back state taxes. Was not informed of supposed taxes due from 1989 of $511.00 until this past week. It has been 17 years and I had no idea I owed any state taxes. Now % and fess accured have the amount owed at $1,278.00

WAs this sales tax, property tax, or income tax.

Georgia has a 6 year statue of limitations on income tax. However, where there is ommission or fraud suspected, the statute doe not apply.

For sales tax, there is no statute of limitations. Failure to pay sales tax in Georgia is considered an act of ommission.

A lot of states are coming forward now and grabing back taxes for sales tax from as far back as 20 years in some cases.

My advice is for you to contact he department of revenue to make sure the collection agency and debt is legitimate as a way of making sure you are not being a victim of a scam. If it is a legitimate company contracted by the State of GA, and GA says you owed the tax, then you should pay it.

However, check with the state first. The state admits to errors in the reporting of bad tax debt.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Ed Johnson's Post: Yes this was income tax. I recvd that same yr a return of funds for the same amount, and held it 3 months before cashing to make sure not a mistake. I know of no one that keeps their tax records for 17 years.


The problem with the statute of limitations is that it does not run if it is an act of ommission or suspected fraud.

IN your case, it sounds like it may be in error.

You should contact the state department of revenue to find out the source and find out if you can still appeal it.

I doubt if a judgement is involved, else you would have been informed.



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