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I moved to Derry Township, PA on June 10 for Business, ...

Resolved Question:

I moved to Derry Township, PA on June 10 for Business, and am expecting to be trasfer back to CT June 10, 06. I received a notice from Derry township that I need to pay taxes, and it has to be prorated for the amount of time lived here. I have already paid both PA and CT state tax as well as Federal. I am a renter/not owner. I moved out of Derry township 1/12/06 and now reside in Harrisburg, PA...expecting to be relocated June 10, 06. Do I still have to pay the Derry township tax? I was able to be excused from paying the School tax with proof if CT ID--my drivers license. Optional Information: Hummelstown, United States Already Tried: I am stumped
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Lev replied 11 years ago.
I found three places that match your description - listed below. I also listed contact information if you have specific questions about local taxes.

Derry Township, Montour County PA
Tax Collector: Ceylon S. Reinard
P.O. Box 102
Washingtonville, PANNN-NN-NNNN(NNN) NNN-NNNN

Derry Township, Mifflin County PA
15 W. Mill St., P.O. Box 445
Yeagertown, PA 17099
Tax Collector: Gerald Treaster
Gerald "Jerry" Treaster   41 Laurel Street
Lewistown, PA 17044 (NNN) NNN-NNNN

Township of Derry XXXXX
Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (NNN) NNN-NNNN option 5

The last one does has local taxes described at
If this is a place you lived - you have to pay those taxes.

Earned Income Tax
Residents are taxed 1% of their earned income. Half supports the Township and the other 50% supports the School District. The EIT provides 25% of the Township's revenue.

Occupation Tax
The Township receives $200.00 from all residents who are employed and earn over $10,000. This tax provides 17% of the Township's revenue. The School District's Occupation Tax is $250.00.

Real Estate Tax
The Township's Real Estate Tax is 1.0966 mills. This tax generates 12% of the Township's revenue. (School District is 15.09 mills)
Amusement Tax
11% of the Township's total revenue is received through the Amusement Tax. The tax is 10% of the first $7.50 of the price of a ticket for amusement events. Hersheypark makes up the largest portion of the revenue. The Township and Hershey Entertainment and Resorts entered an agreement in 1998 to insure that the Township continues to receive a specific amount on the sale of all tickets, in the event that the amusement tax is ever eliminated. This tax is divided between the Township and the School District.

Parking Lot Tax
The Township receives 10% of revenues generated through parking fees, totaling 4% of the Township's revenue.

Real Estate Transfer Tax
Property owners are taxed 0.5% of the purchase price when their property is sold. The Real Estate Transfer Tax provides 4% of the Township's revenue.

Occupation Privilege Tax
The OPT is a $10 tax levied on all persons employed in the Township and provides 1% of the Township's revenue. This tax is divided between the Township and the School District.

Liquid Fuels
These are funds distributed by PENNDOT from the Commonwealth's vehicle fuel tax. The amount received is based on the number of miles of roadway in the Township and the population.

You also may use this calculator to estimate taxes

Local taxes may be deductible on Sch A if you itemize.
Let me know if more details are needed.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Lev's Post: Thank you for all of the information.

The one thing I want to understand is that this only affects the amount of $$ made while working in PA for the time I've been living here, correct?

Expert:  Lev replied 11 years ago.
Taxes are different for Residents and Nonresidents.
For instance, Earned Income Tax in the example above applied to Residents for ALL earned income, but for Nonresidents only for income from sources in the county.
Occupation Tax applied only for Residents.

There may be special rules and definitions for Part-Time-Residents – those who moved in/out in the middle of the year.

Let me know if more details are needed.
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