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I bought a subaru 2013 cross trek, standard AW, this

Customer Question

I bought a subaru 2013 cross trek, standard AW, this February with 15k on it. after 6k, dealership scheduled my first oil change. afterwards about maybe 2 weeks later oil light came on. I checked dip stick and it was low. i figured the guys were in a hurry and didn't fill it all the way. It needed a quart which I put in. then just this wednesday, after another 6k miles I went for another oil change. I drove away and noticed a gas smell and figured it was the mechanics being in my car, perhaps. a couple days later, noticed fluid on garage floor. I am shocked and think the worst that the engine has major problems. i park in a different location in garage and sure enough it is still leaking. I pop hood and find the cap off the oil and the dip stick up. I am naturally furious. I check oil and it is down a couple of quarts but oddly the oil light never came on. Oil is all over engine. I go to dealership angry. i wait for them to change fluids and powerwash engine. 4hrs later. they said that they changed the TSB and reprogram ECm which took 2.7 hours. Was this needed? Will I always burn oil? Is my engine compromised due to mechanics neglect. Feeling so disappointed now in my purchase. What do I do now? Feel like I bought a Lemon.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Subaru
Expert:  john -aka eauto replied 2 years ago.

some subarus are having oil useage issues, If it uses oil have request a oil useage test. If they document it correctly generally Subaru will replace the motor is it has excessive oil consumption