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Subaru: I am working on an 01 outback 4 cyl. The engine had

Customer Question

I am working on an 01 outback 4 cyl. The engine had a bad knock like a rod going out. It was a running engine so I know all the electonics are fine. I replaced the engine with one I got at a junkyard. I have probably done 6 subaru' just like this. I have spark at the ign coil. The engine from the junk yard sounds like it has great compression. Just won't start. Before installing I made sure all the timing marks lined up. If I spray engine start into the throat of the intake the engine begins to run. My guess is the fuel injectors aren't working. So it must be related to the computer or a ground. One mechanic at a real shop told me to crank the engine for 45 sec and the engine computer would reprogram itself. Just a note I did disconnect the battery when I pulled the old engine. The Chiltons book says the computer must be re-coded by a scan tool. I don't believe it. I know it is something simple, well sort of. I know there is power getting to the fuel injectors, my test light lights up when the ign is on. I did replace the crank positioning sensor and the cam sensor. What do you think. I am apprehensive asking a mechanic I don't know but what do have to lose except a little money. I'm not the trusting type. Anyway here goes. What do you think? Tim, An Old VW mechanic.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Subaru
Expert:  tamaz replied 2 years ago.
Hi,sounds like we have everything besides fuel in my opinion,time to remove the feed line to see if you have any fuel volume if you haven't already,check to see if that spark at the coil is traveling to the plugs.I need to ask also are all the timing marks at12o'clock?The ecm will not reprogram itself nor does it need to be programmed.Hope these few questions could get us started ,thanks