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tamaz, Subaru master technician
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We emailed back and forth on the issue of a P0028 error

Customer Question

We emailed back and forth on the issue of a P0028 error until you ended the discourse. late last week into early this week. You can find this with any luck. I have a copy here I may include or send if requested. Reading it will save a lot or retracing.
Stabilant you recommended arrived yesterday late so spent today brushing tiny amounts on all engine sensor contacts, the computer pins, all grounds, and the main plug between the bulkhead and engine harness. The main bulkhead to engine harness plug will now
tolerate much more movement but still has its limits. For example if pushed down half inch starts chugging while moving it up an inch has no effect. Gently and carefully push or twist it too far and the engine either dies or idles very rough. P0082 is very
popular when this happens, usually being the only code to pop up. Ironically the P0028 which started all this has never returned although the two are related as you know. I left it alone once finding limits. I am encouraged as before one could not move it,
period. For right now I think to just leave it alone as it would seem to tolerate most travel. Tomorrow we will take it for an hour's drive south to check the statement I just made. The plug is not connected to the clip it is meant to be mounted to. Does not
like position and looses connectivity. It is also then close to torque convertor and all that heat. I have bulk harness secure and connector stable with enough slack to take up engine movement and vibration. Whole Subaru engine with all accoutrements out of
a rolled Impreza into the VW Vanagon. I did not set it up or install it, Hans at did. He is a thoughtful trained engineer. Has run well since January 2007. About three months ago that main bulk to engine harness plug started losing connectivity.
I remember it has been sensitive in the past as I would work in engine bay, but not like it became recently. I would say there is something wrong with either the VVT solenoid which was just replaced or the wire from it to the computer, or the computer. I did
swap the old solenoid around with the new one and will relate that the old one did not fare well, so reinstalled the new one which improved things. That next leaves the wiring. Can I expect that the positive wire leaving the solenoid goes to the computer as
the same color? The ground must drop out somewhere and could be easily checked. My ignorant guess is that there is either a bad connect in the plug or a wire not right and all points to those errors around the VVT solenoid. I am trying to sort out the best
action plan, trying to get it to the border, and/or finding someone here with the electronics knowledge sufficient to solve the riddle without making it worse. You may remember we live in Mexico and will travel to border end of next week to sell the vehicle.
It is a 2007 i253, converted into a 1884 camper van. Alternator, a/c compressor, computer and all wiring from original engine included. I appreciate any further ideas you might have. Mark
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Subaru
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The Stabilant is slightly oily and all I can think is that what problems which might have existed when I quit yesterday were solved by the magic liquid "creeping" last night or permeating the contact surfaces? Drove out south to a town about fifty miles away and back this morning with no OBDII errors. I hit the speed bumper harder than normal and ran through every rough spot I could find. I did not touch the bulkhead to engine harness to see if I could get it to lose connectivity. Did that yesterday and found the limits. I figured it certainly would not be worse today. One thing which was startling is that the engine ran so much better generally after coating every sensor and ground contact yesterday, including the ECU. Just amazing! At this point we leave a week from this morning for TX and when we arrive the proof will be in the pudding. Thank you so much for your expertise. Mark
Expert:  tamaz replied 2 years ago.
That stuff works great and has solved many intermittent problems that I've had,crossing my fingers for continued success,thanks!