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Randall C
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Subaru Forester: I have a 2006 Subaru Forester with 104,000.

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I have a 2006 Subaru Forester with 104,000 miles. I need a new clutch - it is getting very hard to shift - and should replace the timing belt and do the 105,000 mile maintenance. Also need brake work and will need to replace the tires soon. There is also now a screeching sound (a belt?) whenever I turn the AC on. About how much will all of this cost, and is it worth it, or should we just look at trading her in on a new Suby?

Hello, I am Randall
I can not answer as to whether to trade or not. everything you have mentioned are all normal routine items. will happen to most any car say over 100K
The car holds good value. The lies are very low, It lasts much longer than 104k
If the engine runs good, trans shifts ok, and overall in good condition and more important? you like the car? I would do the repairs. Once done? you will not have to do for a very long time
Timing belt is critical, this should always be done when needed per maint schedule,Tires? well we know they wear. clutch? it is a bit early fior this but everyones driving habits are different and wear clutch at different rates
belt noise? well, may be time for engine belt. Not uncommon. may be slipping some
I can not give cost on brakes, not knowing what is wrong and what tires you select but.
Clutch book labor time . 5.4 hours and the timing belt book labor time is 2.2 hours
clucth kit may be about $175 +/- and the timing belt say $75 +/-
brakes? if pads only? say $150+/- per axle
Tires? you have to select
the major repairs ( clutch and belt) come in at 7.6 hours and if shop rate is $100 per hour,that will be $760 labor for those items
add in brakes,? another $300 +/-. maint items ? lets say $100 as ropund number and tires? well. what $85 each? +/- the total I come up with as good rough estimate is about

$1800 +/- total
in y opinion? if all other items on car are ok? then well worth the $1800 rather than lose ona trade, possible car payment and so on. I would do the repairs. maybe in stages like clucth and timing belt first, do the rest a little later
the car holds it value for retail sale but you will take a hit if you decide to trade it
hard for me to be 100% on all this so i am giving you a pretty good idea of costs you are faced with
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
If I fix all this now, at what mileage would I need to do next maintenance and about how much does that cost?
bear with me.back shortly
Randall C and other Subaru Specialists are ready to help you
asside from oil changes? the next service of any cost would be at 120k and that is change the antifreeze, change the spark plugs and fuel filter
say around the $300 +/- mark
The timing belt is not needed for another 105k and once you do the 120k items,, all should be cought up except for routine oil changes and anything small that could wear or fail eg ( light bulbs, tires, brakes etc) as i can not say in any way when brakes are needed or tires, its all about user wear. More around town driving? harder on brakes. this is an example