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Subaru Impreza: The check engine, traction control and cruise

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The check engine, traction control and cruise control lights came on in my car last night and stayed on, the cruise light flashes, the other two are steady. Its a 2009 Subaru Impreza. Its got approx. 93,000k, never done more than change the oil, I did get her a k&n air filter. Help, please.
Hi there,When the check engine light comes on, it automatically shuts off the cruise control and the traction control. Subaru puts this in as a safe guard in case the problem is with the electronic throttle.There are over 500 reasons for the check engine light to come on.Most parts stores will check it for codes for free. This would give us a starting point to determine the problem. If the engine seems to be running normally, then it might be something simple like a loose fuel cap.I would check that first, then if it's loose and you tighten it, the light will go off on it's own. This will take some time for the light to go out.If you do have a parts store nearby that can read the code, you can then post it here with me and I can look it up and give you an idea of what is happening. I would also still start by checking the gas cap and making sure it's tight.I do hope this helps!Please let me know if you need further assistance, if not, then please be sure to rate my answer.If you are on the free subscription, please still rate, you will not be charged. Thank you.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just wanted to say that it was the gas cap! I didn't think it could have possibly been that because I had gotten gas the night before, and usually put the cap on until it clicks, but sure enough I left work the day I asked the question and the lights went out! Thank you!

You are very welcome!So glad it was an easy fix. Thank you for the positive rating!
Mike V. and 5 other Subaru Specialists are ready to help you