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Kevin C.
Kevin C., Subaru Master Tech.
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Experience:  34 years of Subaru service experience, ASE Master Technician.
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Subaru 2.5GT: p0725 p0700 p0340 on the 2005 legacy 2.5 gt

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p0725 p0700 p0340 on the 2005 legacy 2.5 GT ,  i  clear the obd  code  and  change  the  cranshft position sensor   , after  one day  of  the  check engine light  came  on  and  my  will  stop  running while  i  am  driving

Kevin C :

Welcome to, I'm Kevin and I'm here to help resolve your Automotive issue.

Kevin C :

Hello, are the same codes coming back?

Kevin C :

This is a Turbo?

Kevin C :

I'm switching to Q&A format since the chat is a bit buggy, we can still work on your problem.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes the code came back but just this p0725

Does the car run at all?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes but stall on me for every few mile and than is hard to start back up

It stalls when you stop at a light or stop sign, won't idle??
Also, there are no other codes at all??
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes when the car almost come to a full stop, than stalls and there are no other code


Ok, this is your Torque converter in your transmission not releasing, causing the car not to disengage from the transmission at idle in gear, which is the corresponding P0725 code.
Let me check the Subaru data Base for any bulletins on this code but if you go with the trouble shooting chart for this code (attached) based on no other codes, you need a new TCM (Transmission Control Computer) Give me a few minutes to check for right back.
Ok, there are no other bulletins regarding this issue. Before you replace the TCM, I would try 2 things first..Disconnect , then re-connect the connector on the TCM, making sure you have a good connection. The TCM is next to the steering column under the dash (see pic) If that did not help, I recommend a good transmission flush, you may have something clogging the valve body causing the converter to hang up as well. Then if you still have issues, proceed to the TCM replacement. Start from the easiest and cheapest steps and work your way up.
Kevin C. and 2 other Subaru Specialists are ready to help you
When I get to my dealer tomorrow, I will check to make sure there are no TCM updates as well and notify you if there are any..I have to have the Subaru Laptop to access that info.
Please let me know if I can help you further, Kevin
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How many camshaft sensor does 2.5 gt legacy have ? Is one or two ?

If your car is a Turbo..2 one on each bank..#1 is the right side sensor (passenger side)

I did check for any updates there is a TCM update for a reoccuring code P0771 but none for P0725.