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Mike V.
Mike V., Subaru Technician
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2004 Subaru outback: drivers door..wiring..trim....whats the trick

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2004 Subaru outback speakers all stopped except drivers door. How do I get to the radio to check the wiring or is the radio shot. If so i will have to change the radio but I can't get the trim off ..whats the trick?
Once in a while if the outside temp. hits 80degs. or more the speakers all work till you shut off the car, then back to one speaker..neat right
Greetings Sir or Madam and welcome to JA! I will do my very best to assist you with your problem.HI there! Removing the trim is not to bad. It is mostly held on by clips.
There is one screw that has to be removed, I tell folks to use a putty knife to help pop the trim off, the closer you can get to the clips, the less likely you are to break one off. Here is a diagram of the clip and screw locations.

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