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The driver side gets wet when it rains..mechanic checked..hood

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The floor of the driver side gets wet when it rains. A mechanic checked the drains in the front drve side under the hood. Still wet. Another mechanic took the front wheels and fenders off, cleared out mud and other debris. Sopping wet after a good night's rain.

I tarped the car down onto the hood and almost all the way to the back windshield, and dried 90% of the dampness (at least to my toch). With the tarp on, the foot well is now sopping more rain. The wet has climbed up the sides of the carpet instead of just being on the floor.

There are no water stains on the interior roof.


Brooke G

Hello Solution


I'm Chris, Thanks for allowing me to help you here on Just Answer.


You need to remove the front drivers seat

Now remove the trim panels to allow folding the carpet to the center of the car.

Now vacuum up and dry all the water you can. Sit in the floor board and have someone soak the car with a garden hose till you find where its coming in at.

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