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how do i replace front wiper blades on a 2006 subaru tribeca

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how do i replace front wiper blades on a 2006 subaru tribeca? and can i use after market refils like rain-x?
Hi there! Do you want to replace the entire blade or just the rubber inserts?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What ever it takes, The stock rubber inserts are not doing the job!
I wanted to replace stock inserts with rain-x or another high peformence refill, but if thats not possible, would consider replacing the whole wiper with something like the rain-x lattitude.
It is much simpler to replace the entire blade. You would likely need the subaru inserts to fit the blades you have.
Subaru uses a J hook set up. I will try to explain it to you. Lift the wiper up and flip it over. You should see a tab, press the tab and slide the blade toward the windshield,down the wiper arm. Reverse the order to install. Just slide it up the arm until it clicks into place. Let me know if this helps!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Rain-x shows a J Hook replacement refil, I'll try this first but If I have to replace the intire arm how do I go about removing them? also do you have any diagrams showing locations of release tabs ect. ?
You should not have to replace the arms. Most aftermarket wipers, will have different size adapters for different size wiper arms. The arms on these are held on by nuts at the bottom of the arm under the small round black covers at the base of the arms.
Here is a youtube video showing replacement of the J hook wipers.
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