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subie-tech, Subaru Technician
Category: Subaru
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Experience:  I am a Subaru Factory Trained technician and have been working on Subaru's for about 7 years.
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1988 subaru gl: im replacing the clutch..turbo..right one..disconnect

Customer Question

im replacing the clutch on my 1988 subaru gl turbo, manual. i havce a chiltons for the subaru but dont think i have the right one. what all do i need to disconnect before accessing the clutch?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Subaru
Expert:  subie-tech replied 7 years ago.
This is very simple. subaru has not changed their engine/transmission design since the 70's. before you do anything, disconnect the battery.

1. remove intercooler (top mount I would assume) 12mm socket and flat head

2. remove pitching stopper 14mm and ground strap 10mm bolted to pitching stopper firewall mount.

3. disconnect / unplug wiring harnesses located at top of bell housing.

4. remove starter and top bellhousing bolts. 14mm

5. jack up vehicle and remove front wheels. 19mm

6. disconnect balljoints and only the balljoints. 17mm i think

7. from under vehicle, remove tension pins holding half shafts and slide out and up. try to lay them on top of the trans. this will help during removal. You may also remove the entire shaft if you like. 240ftlb on install at the hub (DO NOT USE IMPACT)

8. this is taking too long to type out Tongue out if it is AWD you will need to remove the driveshaft also. 12mm don't forget to mark where you remove this at the rear end.

9. Here you may have to remove the lower starter nut. 17mm i believe on that year.

10. remove the remaining bell bolts. Please dont forget to support the trans.

If the trans does not come right out, you will need to slide one of the guide pins out. I am doind this from memory and it has been a few months, but I think it is the pin on the right (passenger) side I punch out. be careful not to crack the the aluminum. minimal force will move these. Dont lose the pin! you have to buy the whole block for the pin and it is necessary for proper alignment.

If you are resurfacing the flywheel, DO NOT use an impact to remove the bolts as subaru cranks are hardened and an impact may crack the crank. 54ftlb 72nm on install for the flywheel. 13ftlb on the pressure plate. These specs I know for sure.

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