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Category: Structural Engineering
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Need a beam to span 11 feet. Only load is from top pivot of

Customer Question

Need a beam to span 11 feet. Only load is from top pivot of five equal-sized doors along span. Doors are about 2-0 x 7-0, and weigh about 50 pounds each. Smaller profile is better.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Structural Engineering
Expert:  StructuralEng replied 10 months ago.
Do you want steel?
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Could use steel, especially as part of a flitch beam so we have something to attach the door hinges to. A 4x4 whatever would not be bad for aesthetics. This beam will be visible when the doors are opened. It's in the front hall of an upscale minimalist mid-century modern house. There is nothing but clear space to the ceiling above this beam. It will rest on single 2x4s at each end, and can be screwed to the adjacent studs.
Expert:  StructuralEng replied 10 months ago.
A 4x6 will work and limit deflection to 1/4"

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