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We have a 50-year-old concrete block club house building.

Customer Question

We have a 50-year-old concrete block club house building. We'd like to refinish the painted concrete walls in the kitchen, an exterior and an interior wall adjacent to each other. The exterior wall has had some moisture issues, primarily from the cracking due to settling of the corner where the two walls meet. That crack has been addressed from the inside and needs to be addressed on the outside as well. There is no insulation in the block walls.
1. Can we fill in along the crack with canned foam insulation as a medium-term solution?
2. Are we limited with our interior refinish to cement plaster over metal mesh or to paint?
We are not looking to spend a lot of money since we are a non-profit organization.
Thank you!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Structural Engineering
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago. there anyway you can upload some photos would help immensely ...........I would like to see how big the cracks are also...........thanks


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm sending 6 pics of the inside and outside. From outside the structure left of the break in the roof was added at a later date and the block wall was tied into existing. I don't know about the footers for that addition or whether it was just a slab pourd up to the existing wall.
Thanks for any insight.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.

Hi Scott .........I go the pictures.......forget foam insulation........what is probably the best solution is to get some tubes of PAINTABLE silicone caulk and fill those gaps .......they aren't going to look the greatest but you want to seal those cracks..........and the silicone will expand and contract well with the would be good to power wash it first to clean up the salt in the block and remove any peeling............let it dry good......fill and then did a good job on the could use just a little more fill