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Hola - what is the best way to learn Spanish? I am more interested

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Hola - what is the best way to learn Spanish? I am more interested in speaking with people than reading books etc
Hola Stuart, y bienvenido otra vez a Just Answer! (Hello Stuart, and welcome back to Just Answer!)

It's so wonderful that you are interested in learning Spanish! If you have the desire to become fluent in the language mainly for conversational purposes, it's best to surround yourself with Spanish speaking people (friends, co-workers, etc.) and hear Spanish as often as possible. Listen to Spanish radio stations, watch Spanish tv programs with the closed captioning on, so you can read the words you're hearing. This is called the 'total immersion' system and it works very well. You can also take adult continuing education classes at your local High School or Community School, in Conversational Spanish.

In addition, you can find some free online Spanish programs that will help you understand what you are hearing and help with your pronunciation and your comprehension skills. There are also some programs that you can pay for, like the Pimsleur Approach and Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is quite costly, but Pimsleur has a low cost (I think it's $10) trial offer that you can try and if you don't like it, you can return the cds and not owe anything.

I've found the following for you: (this is great for conversational Spanish practice)

I wish you much good luck with your Spanish!

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Best regards,
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