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José M.
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I have become aware of a possible fraudulent transfer of property

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I have become aware of a possible fraudulent transfer of property in spain. A relatives signature has most likely been forged to authorise the sale.

What type of penalties are there for forging a signature to sell a property without the owners permission in Spain?

This fraud occurred in spain, along with a series of other frauds in the UK. The main action will be taken in the UK courts. Can the spanish fraud be included in the UK action, or will separate actions need to be taken?

Attorney3044 :

Hi there

Attorney3044 :

As the criminal act had been in Spain the competence its of spanish Police and you could denounce the facts in the police or in a criminal court

Attorney3044 :

The fine for this facts could be several years in prision ( 3 or more )

Attorney3044 :

The criminal acts in UK must be denounced in UK in the closer police station

Attorney3044 :

I will be here if needed

Attorney3044 :

José M. spanish attorney, solicitor


Thanks Jose.

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