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José M.
José M., Attorney
Category: Spain Law
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I would like to find a lawyer in Spain that is familiar with

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I would like to find a lawyer in Spain that is familiar with the process whereby Sephardic Jews can obtain citizenship in Spain and would be able to facilitate the process.

Attorney3044 : Hi Sir
Attorney3044 : The site does not allow us to contact with the client in order to manage his case
Attorney3044 : I can guide you, solve doubts, or looking for links of attorneys in Spain who could help you
Attorney3044 : Please let me know if it is what do you need
Attorney3044 : Thank you
Customer: Thank ygu. Yes if you couid guide me to an approriate lawyer that woud be good.
Attorney3044 : Ok
Attorney3044 : Now we have a legal proyect in Spain to make easier the way to get the nacionality for Sephardic people
Attorney3044 : The problem its because of the crisis the proyect its stopped now
Attorney3044 : So, you do not have now a aesy way to manage
Attorney3044 : Let me know if I can help you
Customer: Thanks. Can you tell me what crisis you are referring to? The financial crisis? Is that the reason it the project has stopped? Has there been an official announcement about the project being stopped?
Attorney3044 : Hi there
Attorney3044 : It was a legal proyect to give facilities to sefardic people
Attorney3044 : Now, the way you have to get it its CARTA DE NATURALEZA
Attorney3044 :
Attorney3044 : This its a political way given bt the goberment and once you ask for it you can get the nationality or not, but there is no way to put an appeal if rejected
Attorney3044 : In all the rest of cases an appel can be done if rejected. Carta de naturaleza do not allow to appeal
Customer: Hello. Thanks. So is there no longer a special rule and a special path for Sephardic Jews? Does that mean the program to invite and give Sephardic Jews citizenship as a special process been eliminated? And can I ask, what is the crisis you mentioned earlier.
Attorney3044 : Well Sir, I will try to explain me
Attorney3044 : The crisis has stoped the legall proyect to make a new rules for you
Attorney3044 : But the promised of the goverment its to approve the people who ask for it by carta de naturaleza
Attorney3044 : There its no legal way to be sure, but you have chance to do it
Customer: By "the crisis" are you referring to the financial crisis in Spain and Europe?
Attorney3044 : Yes
Customer: I see.
Attorney3044 : In Spain its being really hard
Attorney3044 : A lot of legal projects has been stopped
Customer: Yes I know well about it.
Customer: so the procedure now is to apply through carta de naturaleza
Attorney3044 : Yes
Customer: Thank you for your help.
Attorney3044 : In the link provided you have all the information
Attorney3044 : Thank you sir
Attorney3044 : have a good day
Customer: Have a good day too.
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