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Yesterday my question for permission in the AGM was not validaded. Is

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Yesterday my question for permission in the AGM was not validaded.
Is there another possibility to get my extencion in de escritura?

Attorney3044 : Hi
Attorney3044 : Could you explin me more about the problem
Attorney3044 : Could you explain me more about the case?
Attorney3044 : I do nor really know what do you mean, I need more information, please
Customer: 6 years ago i build an extension on my house and i asked an architect to do all the paperwork what was necessary. I paid him 2000 euro.
Customer: I went with the papers to the presiddent of the community and he gave them back with the answer that the house was on a wrong adress. It took me over 2 years to get the papers on my property and thought that everything was ok.
Customer: now i did all the paperwork again was another architect and i paid her 800 euro for all.
Customer: But yesterday the community said that i don not get the permission to take this extension in the escritura
Attorney3044 : I see
Attorney3044 : You have one thing good that its that the comunity have let you to do it and nobody has forbiden to do so
Attorney3044 : May be the best not to do anything at all and do it in several years more when they could do anything against you
Attorney3044 : If they are taking legal action against you the way will be to probe that the bave give you autorithation in the way that in 2 years they have not notify to stop the changes
Attorney3044 : If they are not taking legal actions against you, I recomend you not to move anything by now
Customer: I think that i never will get accordace because when just 1 vote is against me in the AGM i do not get permission, That will be the same in the future.
Attorney3044 : No, Sir
Attorney3044 : The time will give you rights
Attorney3044 : If the comunity do not forced to replaced the changes as they were, the law considers that they allow them. And if they allow them, by omission, they could not deman changes in future, as they had allowed them
Customer: I do not have to remove anything, but what happens if the extension is not in de escritura and i die. Can they force my kids to remove everyrhing?
Attorney3044 : No. Thats the matter.
Attorney3044 : In some years, 5 at least, you or your son could go to the notario and probe the facts, and that they have been done it since 5 years and he will put them in propiety register
Attorney3044 : You need to consolidate the changes by the curse of the time
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