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my daughter is in a custody battle with the father of her 18

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my daughter is in a custody battle with the father of her 18 month old son.

She has two other children by different fathers who live with her.

Her son lived with her for the first 16 months of his life, with no queries and there was never a problem with the father seeing his son or having him to stay. They sorted out money as necessary.

My daughter got involved with a man who had a past that left him on the sexual offenders register. My daughter protested that he was no threat to the children. As her family we were not happy.

The father of her son thought differently and kept him and is now fighting for custody of him with visiting rights only to my daughter. She has not seen her son since early December.

I have seen him twice and his sisters have also seen him. I am , I hope, gaining the trust of the father.

She has become very volatile and the police have had to be called to the house as she was very upset and hit me.

She has been told by the father that she has to sign a letter giving him custody pay him money every month maximum 200 euros and then she can have visiting rights. He claims this has come from his lawyers.

Surely she can see her son prior to the court case under supervision?

Is this correct as it seems totally against what is best for the child.

Attorney3044 :


Attorney3044 :

I am an spanish attorney

Attorney3044 :

I will answer your question now

Attorney3044 :

Here in Spain your daughter has no to much riskes to lost the custody

Attorney3044 :

The baby its too young and it will be very improbablye that the judge will give the custody to the father if she fight for

Attorney3044 :

In Spain its very hard for the father to get the custody if the mother does want to give it

Attorney3044 :

Whith the age of the minor its very improbably

Attorney3044 :

the judge take in consideration the profit of the baby and i am sure that with this age the best person to stay its the mother

Attorney3044 :

Your daughter has to get an attorney who eill fight for her interest

Attorney3044 :

Please write if you have doubts


Thank you. I will pass on the information. You have only confirmed my feelings.

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