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I have been told I have a purchaser for my DWVC membership

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I have been told I have a purchaser for my DWVC membership I am offered £11,900 and have been asked for £1,190 to pay Spannish Tax and a copy of a utility bill and then I will not be charged and will get the tax back. This is through Holiday Rentals of which I have already paid 1700 Euros.

Hi there

I am an spanish attorney

Be carefull because spanish goberment never ask for money before you sell

We recibed a lot of scam alerts for that every single day

Before to do anything contact a local attorney to be clear what its the offer and what is the money asked for

I will be here if you need more information

If you are not sure about the client be carefull, may be you are a scam victim

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They have a buyer they say but I have to pay Spannish tax as the membership is classed as a Luxury Item but because I live in England I will get the tax money refunded. Does this sound right or not?

Its just an scam

Luxury tax in spain do not exist at all

If you pay you will lose the money

You could contact the police an denuunce becuase they are scamers, in Spain there its not luxury tax

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