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Lorinda Hern and a partner developed a horn infusion patent

Customer Question

Lorinda Hern and a partner developed a horn infusion patent to infuse rhino horn, making it of not value to the end user. Sam Ferreira submitted report,without substantiation to Carte Blanche to discredit the patent of Dr Hern and her partner. Evidence obtained showed that report from Sam Ferreira was void of any scientific evidence when he claimed that Rhino horn has the density of perspex. This resulted in a loss of income to Dr Hern and her partner as Carte Blanche used the Ferreira report to cause maximum damage to the work done by Dr Hern and her Partner. This resulted in loss of income. Is this a matter for the SAPS to investigate?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: South Africa Law
Expert:  Freddie Lombard replied 1 year ago.

Hi there

Thank you for your question. I will try to assist you in answering it today but please feel free to ask as many follow up questions as you like until you are 100% satisfied.

It is most definitely not a criminal matter that would have the SAPS investigate it.

This is a civil matter and if all is as you have stated above, Dr Hern and her Partner can issue summons against Sam Ferreira for damages which may include loss of income and even damage to reputation.

You should look for an attorney in your area specialising in civil claims. You can search for one on

I hope this answered your question.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you the answer confirmed what I have already advised Dr Hern. However, does Carte Blanche get off the hook for broadcasting with the intend to inflict maximum damage? Rating out of 10 is 5 as the latter part of the question has not been dealt with
Expert:  Freddie Lombard replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for the further question - I must apologise if I missed the second part of the question.

The problem here is the assumption that Carte Blanche intended to cause damage to Dr. Hern. I did not see the insert on Carte Blanche so I really cannot venture an opinion on it, but the nature of investigative journalism is that various options are considered and reported on - in this instance it would appear that there might be two " experts" namely Dr. Hern and her partner on the one side and Sam Ferreira on the other who have different opinions on the effectiveness of the proposed infusion of Rhino horn.

Now, as a rule people are allowed to have different opinions, and journalists are allowed to report on them. Whether this report leads to financial loss or not. Normally, the journalist will report on both sides of the story and will give opportunity to both sides to share their views and respond to what the other person says.

In my opinion, without having seen the Carte Blanche episode, I think it will be very difficult to prove that Carte Blanche had the intent to cause damage and to claim against them - off course I say this with the understanding that I have not seen the footage.

The question will also be asked whether Carte Blanche gave any opinion, or whether they merely reported on what Sam Ferreira's opinion was.

If you need more information on this topic please feel free to ask more at no extra cost.

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