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Shaie Zindel
Shaie Zindel, Attorney
Category: South Africa Law
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please help Iam now a married woman

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please help I'am now a married woman i have a child with someone else that happened before i got married,when i was pregnant the father of my child was not supportive he told me that he had find somebody that he loves,he was never there now that im married he says i dont want him to see the child,now my hubby took care of my child ever since she was born the biological father was not interested instead he wanted dna test,he then took me to court and they told him that he needs to spent more time with the child and he didnt do that now im confused because the law says the biological father has the rights, what i want to know is,what happens in a situation were the stepfather does everything for the child and the biological has the right exetely whose suppose to take care of the child and isnt the biological father suppose to step back couse his confusing the child please help me xxxxxxxx

Shaie Zindel :

Good Evening and thank you for your question. In simple terms the Natural Father has rights BUT he also has obligations. His obligations are to support the child financially to the best of his ability. You cannot say that because he doesn't pay maintenance he isn't allowed access to the child - access and maintenance must be looked at separately in the eyes of the law. In reality it is not fair and ridiculous that the father should have only rights and no obligations and vice a versa. The father is entitled to access to his child but he must also pay his way. Let me know what else I can do for you or answer in the meantime and please remember to rate my service so far. Regards

JACUSTOMER-zcrl5n3d- :

i have never said he must not see the child he was never there for the child you know in our culture the is this thing that we call customary marriage so when i got married he married me with my child couse the father was never there now when we went to the social workers they told him that he must build a relationship with her but he did not do that so now he wants to force things what about the child here wouldn't she be traumatized with these

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