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Barend B.
Barend B., Legal Consultant
Category: South Africa Law
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Good day I did a DNA Partenity Blood Test in 2006, it came

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Good day
I did a DNA Partenity Blood Test in 2006, it came back excluding the father of my daughter as the results was 98% inclusion. I was never happy with the results as it only give the so called father only 1% inclusion. When I challenged the doctor he told me that the real father of the child could be a twin/brother/uncle or a father to the man I said was the father. That is not true as the man only has sisters and was born of a single parent, no brother, uncle or father there. I have never slept with another man in the process and my daughter is a mirror image of her father who refused to continue with his responsibilities after the results. Please advise me what must I do next.
Good morning,

Get a second opinion. Go to specialists in DNA tests and take all the reports of the first tests with you. There must be a reason why the test results came out that way. Maybe schedule another test. the samples of DNA maybe got contaminated in some way or another or their instruments were defective.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Good day Barend

The father did not want to repeat the test and when I wen back to the maintenance court I was told that they could not force him to repeat the Partenity test. I am stuck I do not know how I can make him agree to do it in another institution.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is there a law that forces people to redo the partenity tests?

The court can force a person to redo a paternity test upon good cause shown. Good cause would include a second opinion by specialists that the test was somehow flawed or some other explanation for the bizarre result. Good cause will also include an affidavit by you that you haven't slept with anyone else and the unlikely chances of a brother/uncle/father of the father being the biological father.

I, however, disagree that my answer should be rated poor service. But that is your choice.

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