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What are my rights if my employer fails to pay my salary. The

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What are my rights if my employer fails to pay my salary. The business owners recently withdrew R40 million from the business which they invested in a private account leaving the business without sufficient cashflow to pay creditors, salaries as well as operational expenses.
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My name isXXXXX you for giving me the opportunity to assist you.

The only statutory body to deal with this is the department of labour. The will have to investigate the matter upon you lodging a complaint with them. This you can do at any labour centre and an address list can be found on

The CCMA does jot deal with these kind of disputes and it is only the department that can do it. They are fairly effective and they usually resolve this quickly.

If not sure or want to ask more, please do so.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is it worth my while though? Has there ever been any similar cases successfully concluded for the complainant? How long am I looking at to get resolution ?
Hi Madoda

It happens on a daily basis. I think you must at least try for this complaint to be lodged and investigated.
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