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Hi, i signed a rental contract on 9 September13 and paid R8500

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Hi, i signed a rental contract on 9 September'13 and paid R8500 deposit the same day. On Friday 13 September i phoned the estate agent and told her that i got some bad news, i wount be able to move into this property on 1 October because the site im working on will be closing and therefor i wount be able to pay the monthly rent. She said that she will contact the owner and will get back to me. She also confirmed that she did not received a signed contract back from him yet and there should not be a problem. I haven't heared from her yet, i wrote a letter confirming my cancelation of the contract and also mentioned in the letter that the agent confirmed on Friday the they haven't yet received a signed contract back from the lossor. Can they refuse to refund me my deposit? Thanks Amanda
Hi and welcome!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you.

You clearly advise them that you would not be able to continue in time before the owner signed. There was in actual fact not an agreement yet. You should be refunded and you will have to advise them that if they do not refund within a certain number of days that you will be lodging a complaint with the rental housing tribunal. They will be able to then adjudicate the matter once a complaint is lodged.

Their contact details:
Private Bag x 9485
Durban, 4000
Toleram House 2, Aliwal Str
Durban, 4000

This is a free service and very efficient way of dealing with the matter.

Other than this one can lodge a claim in the small claims court. Also a free service. You can find a small claims court near you on

Please ask more if not clear.
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