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Hi there, I have been undermined by someone who reports to

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Hi there, I have been undermined by someone who reports to me. My name & reputation have been ruined in 4 years. I desperately need assistance as I walked out of my job last week; after 25 years. This person has used her staff to gang up against me. My boss does not support me anymore and has disciplined me for what people say; even what people think. I am considering a few disputes, namely, against the person concerned, the people who knew what was going on and through their silence are implicated, then my boss (employer) for not providing a safe, fair environment and for perpetuating the problem. I hope you can give me some guidance, direction, and possibly also where I can get legal representation (Sandton). Thanks. Bev

Hi and welcome!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you.

Is this purely performance related issues or were there defamatory remarks made as well?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes, it's defamation of character. She twists everything I say and do. It's like being under a's malice and sabotage. Rumor mongering - she will get her staff to complain about me then she sits back and tells my boss how wonderful I am. She will sell her own staff under the bus. She has ruined people's careers by making them believe that I am a rotten apple and that their only way out is to resign. I don't know if I can recover from this. I am being treated for depression.

Hi Bev

It certainly sounds like there is merits in your case. As you have indicated that you are in Sandton I have provided you with a link for assistance infinding the right person to assist you. You will need a lawyer to progress the matter either in the CCMA or on a civil claim basis. It certainly sounds like here was an element of constructive dismissal as well.

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