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Booked a skiing holiday at Afriski resort in Lesotho

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We booked to go on a skiing holiday at Afriski resort in Lesotho. The accommodation was not up to scratch. They say that it sleeps 8 people. There were only 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, these 2 loft rooms with a blow up matress in. The geyser only had enough water for 2 baths or 3 showers which is definitely not enough for 8 people. The kitchen was said to be well equipped - it was definitely not for example- there was not even a bread knife to cut the bread, no washing machine. not even a egg lifter. The light globes in the one bedroom upstairs, only two of them were working, therefore the room was dark. The shower nozzle of the bathroom shower upstairs, kept on falling off. Therefore to change the temperature of the water was very annoying as every time your turned the nozzle it would fall off. The blinds in the one room were broken. The curtains in upstairs bedroom could not open and close as they were coming off there hooks. The granite tops in the kitchen were falling off. no soap in the bathrooms. there were not enough bath towels. The bath downstairs had no sprout coming out of it, therefore could not be used. They advertised that there were two loft rooms, I would not call a room in the roof that not even a child of 5 years old could stand in a loft room. It is more like a storage room. Might I add that this accommodation cost between R33000-00 for R40 000-00 for a week. please could you give me some advice on this matter? as well as if there is a consumer act to protect us.
much appreciated.

Optional Information: Country relating to Question: South Africa What have you tried so far?:

I have written them a letter/e-mail telling them of my concerns and that we left early. We were meant to be there from Sunday to Sunday. We came back on Thursday morning. They are not really taking me too seriously and have replied they find it a bit hard to swallow as all there chalets are checked on each arrival and check out!!!

Hi Carey-Anne - I have no doubt you're not a blo9nde bimbo! The good news is that the Consumer Protection Act is designed to cater for exactly this type of complaint. Your rights are absolutely protected and to be honest I think you're selling yourself short in not requesting a refund because in truth you didn't get what was promised to you so why pay for it? There is one small issue of concern I have - being based in Lesotho might mean that the Act doesn't apply to this transaction but I think I can find a way in - did you book this trip through a local agent? Normally that's how it works - you book and pay through a local operator and then use the service there - if that's the case then I think the CPA may still be applicable. Just explain this aspect to me and we can take it further - just by the way - your surname isn't Williams by any chance is it???
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Firstly, no my surname is ***** ***** Or should I lie and say it is!!!

Yes I booked it through a local in agent in South Africa. The resort is Afriski in Lesotho and the booking was done through there offices in Johannesburg.

thank you for getting back to me so quickly!!


OK - then I believe the CPA is applicable and you have rights. I want you to have a look at this link: - this landing page is where you can actually file your complaint on line - its really quick and completely free of charge. Look around the site first to get a feeling for the kind of complaint you can lodge but in my view I think you have a good complaint. Don't mention Lesotho - just keep referring to the local office so that they don't get confused about jurisdiction. The lekker part about this is that you don't have to do anything to make them realise you mean business. As soon as they get notification from the National Consumer Commissioner's office they will know exactly where they stand. I would also consider a little complaint on Hello Peter and Facebook - these tend to get good results as well. Regarding the Williams question - apologies - I have never met anyone with the name Carrie-Anne except once in a property transaction I assisted a client with - the lady that was dealing with the client's properties was blonde - not a bimbo at all - but a firecracker - I just thought it could be the same person. Anyway have a look - hopefully this is what you're looking for and please remember to rate my service so far. Regards

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your help. It's quite funny as I am in property as well!!

thanks once again

Funny! - anyway thanks for the good rating and let me know how you get on!
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