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My baby daddy signed in court and acknowledged over the phone

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My baby daddy signed in court and acknowledged over the phone and emails partnenity of my son. He has been paying monthly support since 2010.

However , he is forever making empty promises to me and his son. He's asked me several times to make arrangements for him to meet his son . and i have beem forced to lie to his son when asked why he hasnt seen him (since 2010). He hasnt pitched for any of the appointments he's made.

Can i sue him for emotional and perhaps pychological damage he is causing his son?
is there a legal route to take to make him see his son ?


Welcome to Just Answer!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you.

There is no legal basis to sue for damages on the basis proposed by you. There is unfortunately also no way to force him to see his son and the childrens act merely gives him the right to see him, but does not force him. The only thing the act forces him to do is to pay maintenance and to financially support him.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
But what if it can be proven by child pyschologists that the child is negatively affected by this?

and can i in my capacity sue for emotional damage?


There has not been a case like that in South Africa before and the other issue is that you will find it virtually impossible to quantify the claim.

It will definitely be a first if one would decide to do it, but in my view will be unsuccessful