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Hi I took out a loan in 2001 and I was retrenched. I sent

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I took out a loan in 2001 and I was retrenched. I sent all doc's to this company and told the consultant that I was now unemployed. In 2007 a lady came to my workplace, saying she was from a Debt Colleting company and needed to recover this money. I gave her my entire doc's that I had with me by then and she wanted me to sign paper work stating she was to see me. I did not sign anything and I did not hear from them again. Three years later, I had another person pay me a visit with the same story. With losts of noise she made and threats, she then left as I also refused to sign. Today I had another visit from a gentleman, who also left very upset with me for not wanting to sign anything and also threatened me with The Court and a Sherriff as well as a Garnishee order and, and, and! This debt is about +/- 12 years old. What can I or should I do about this as I do not like these things to interfere with my work or workplace?

Highly Disturbed...
Good day.

You can refuse to sign anything and tell them to do their worst. The debt has become prescribed. They cannot even list you for it on ITC and if they do, you would have a claim against them for defamation of character. They cannot legally collect this money from you, so long as you don't acknowledge the debt.

It really is as simple as that.

I hope this answers your question. If you have follow up questions, feel free to ask them at no extra cost. If you are satisfied with the answer, kindly rate me positively. I don't get paid for the answer unless you do.
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