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Elizabeth Steenhuisen
Elizabeth Steenhuisen, Lawyer
Category: South Africa Law
Satisfied Customers: 26
Experience:  I have been teaching law to students, candidate attorneys and junior advocates, and practicing Family and Divorce Law since 1984.
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what do you do if your lawyer sends your wife indecent smss....

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what do you do if your lawyer sends your wife indecent sms's.... Is there some one to complain to?

Elizabeth Steenhuisen :

Hi Customer,

Elizabeth Steenhuisen :

Yes, you should report this with proof of the smses to the Law Society in Pretoria. Both you and your wife should make affidavits, explaining the situation. The Law Society will then investigate the lawyer's behaviour.

Elizabeth Steenhuisen :

If the smses are so insulting, people in your situation should consider to consult a law firm to be advised about amongst other things, breach of privacy, ones good name and integrity.

Elizabeth Steenhuisen :

Law Society of South Africa
304 Brooks Street, Menlo Park, Pretoria
P O Box 36626, Menlo Park 0102
Docex 82, Pretoria
Tel: +27 (0)12(NNN) NNN-NNNNbr/>Fax: +27 (0)12(NNN) NNN-NNNN/p>

Elizabeth Steenhuisen :

You should also google the Law Society for more information. Good luck! ES


Maybe I did not explain clearly, sorry for rating poor.... my lawyer started sending explicit sms to my wife,she replied to them in the same manner,I have proof of the sms where he makes sexual remarks and after he found out I know he started sms'sing me asking for forgiveness.... What must I do now???


Very angry and frustrated

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Can you please explain what can happen to this guy, he is currently handleing all my pvt and buisness stuf?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I just want to know what can happen as he is handleing all my pvt and buisness stuff... My wife will not do a avidavit because she replied and joined in into these sms's

Im very upset and hurt because I trust this lawyer with my life... What now???
Dear Customer,
Do not apologise - you should be very upset and may be that is the reason you did not give all the facts to me.

Now that you have given me more facts, the behaviour of your lawyer is totally unacceptable and what I told you in the beginning, is still valid - if not more!!

You can on your own do the affidavit and reporting to the Law Society.

Before taking such decision, a person in your situation should determine what the real issues are:

Is your marital relationship in trouble; do you want to continue with your marriage; does your wife still love you? The answers to such questions lie within yourself. If you want to go for counseling, it is your decision. Fact is, you will have to deal with this aspect as soon as possible.

Is your attorney breaking up your marriage? If he is the cause of your wife loosing interest in you and the marriage, you can sue him civilly and it is normally combined with a divorce action. You can claim an amount of damages from him. Your new lawyer should advise you on all aspects of such a claim.

Can the trust between you and your attorney which has been broken, be restored to a workable level? This you have to answer. It is very personal and if you want to forgive him as well as your wife, it is your decision. From an ethical perspective and with reference to our legal professional responsibility rules, the behaviour is unprofessional and may have dire consequences for the attorney.

People in a situation like yours, should consider seeking help from a counselor before rushing into action. You have two very personal relationships under attack, both involving the highest trust between people, as well as the care for the interests of your business.

Even if you decide in the end to stay with your present lawyer, you should consider finding another lawyer to advise and support you through this crisis.

If there is anything else on the legal side, please let me know. If you need names of attorneys who may be the right people to assist you, let me know as well. If not, please re-rate my service. Keep well and keep believing in yourself! ES
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Hi Dear Customer,
How are you? Did you make a decision about your attorney? Let me know as I am thinking of you in this very upsetting and sad situation. I believe that you will be strong enough to make the correct decisions for yourself, your wife and your marriage. You can always get another attorney, but not easily another wife - especially if she was your first love.
Good wishes!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I decided that I should go away for the weekend to make my mind up about this situation, I really need to do it right as what you said is VERY true, that this is 2 very important relationships in my life, I am not sure how I want to do it but believe that going away on my own will be good...

Thank you VERY MUCH for your concern!

Good to hear that! Take it slowly and work it out well - there are many people who can assist you! Enjoy and travel safely (concentrate as you are thinking of other things now!!!). ES
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I know its off the subject but this giy is sending me mesages to apologize the whole time....

Him, may be you should just tell him that he must stop and give you time to deal with this unfortunate situation. He should know better, as his behaviour will constitute harassment in terms of the new act on harassment!!