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Hi I have been treated unfairly at work by a line manager.

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I have been treated unfairly at work by a line manager. she takes advantage of her power. I have gone through to all parties ( HR, CEO, senior managers, ) I have laid grievance and complaints. This person has made my life hell, by unfairly accusing me of this I did not do. Sabotaging my work. Undermining me , asking to take training with people I taught how o do the job. Calling me to come and do an handover when i am on sick leave. Telling all other areas, in the business unit that I am not cable of doing my work and I am rate exceeds all expectations by my manager. This person even told my staff members to to talk to be as I am a bad influence, has she is now the head of the area. She has gone through my personal item when I am not around. She as humiliated me many times. It is unbearable to go to work. I am having headaches, chest pains. I have to see a psychiatrist, I am see the doctor, I am on antidepressants and sleeping tablets and I still can not sleep. I want to resign but how do I go about it and I need help with how do i go about constructive dismissal. I love my job and want to work but this individual is highly linked up to Senior Staff and nobody helps me. I am not the only one.

Kind Regards


Welcome to Just Answer!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you.

Have you had any offcial response from HR in respect of your grievances?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, noting was official. I was called in by the managing direct and this lady was also called in and told that she must stop her behavior and I was moved to another area then I did not work with the person for about 11 months. The this month we were told to assist her and she, then all the victimization started again so bad. She did bully me and victimize me over those 11 months indirectly by making work so difficult ect. I do have alot avidce of emails and letter to HR and senior person and to her.

Hi Patsy

You cannot do anything further unless there is a formal hearing or outcome from HR in respect of the grievance you lodged. You cannot take this to the next sep and that is the CCMA unless you can show that all internal procedures were followed and that there was a formal outcome there, whether it was in your favour or not. You will have to start the formal procedure and if HR then does nothing then you can go dirtectly to the CCMA. This will be your next logical step.

There is however in my mind with the evidence described above more than sufficent proof that there is constructive dismissal signs here.

Please ask more if not clear.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

DI did go to and was emotional and I left work last Friday and I was booked off sick. The problem she becasue the women is well connect to senior people in the organasation nothing gets done many such related cases were reported to.I even wrote to the CEO and nothing. If I resign tomorrow aand go for constructive dismissal would this option be advisable. There is also an issue where I am busy with a project at a lesser cost than she wants to do the project. therefore it is so bad. So she removed me and brought a team in with a cost of 5times more and she want me and my team to teach them the work and do all the work. she then gives recodition to this team. The senior management team are in with her


Do you also have details of a good labor lawyer and what the rates will be to represent me for constructive dismisal.


I have no way of having peace at work if go back to work even if go to another area it will still be bad for me as the CEO and senior managementwill ensure I am rated badly and will not be able grow. have b een in the orgnasation for 15yrs and started at an entry level position a nd worked my way up to be a middle manager and a subject expert from n ot knowing anything. this women is there for 2 yrs.








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