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Under South Africa law is there a legal obligation on chidren

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Under South Africa law is there a legal obligation on chidren to provide financial support for an elderly parent?

Welcome, thank you for the opportunity to address your question.


In South African law there is a reciprocal duty of support between ascendants and descendants; meaning that a duty to support a parent in need rests on a child and even grandchild with the ability to support.


The degree of such support would be to enable to the parent to subsist at the reasonably expected standard for the family, not extravagant nor luxurious, but within the means or capacity of the child(ren) upon whom the burden is placed.


A parent may not reasonably expect to be supported where he/she is of working age, is skilled yet decides rather not to work. Support is normally granted where the parent is indigent or unable to work or otherwise support him or herself.


I trust that the legal information provided, sheds light on your matter.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks. That is much as I expected and the law seems sensible.


This is a once-off question. I think I have disabled to continuing fee option. Are you able to check that for me?

I am unable to see any of your client billing details as this is a confidential service.

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