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How can I use YouTube as traffic source for my website?

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How can I use YouTube as traffic source for my website?

Hello this is Chris R and I would be happy to try and help. I am not sure exactly how much information you are looking for. The process for pushing traffic to your site from YouTube is pretty simple. You would want to make a channel that attracts the types of customers or viewers that would also be interested in your website. Once you have enough followers and if you keep the content of your channel fresh you can simply post a link to your website in the description or add it as a clickable link within a video to direct viewers to your website. It could take a while for you to gain a following unless of course your videos go viral which can be hard to do, but can happen. Don't forget you can also monetize your videos as well and potentially make some profit. Hope this answers your question.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
What about another channels, is there any way to buy leads from channels that are not mine and already popular? Something like PPC in google.

That is a good question. YouTube does not permit buying of traffic. If they catch this happening they can ban your video or channel. I would think the only real way you could do this is to communicate directly with another channel owner that is similar in content to yours and offer a cross promote each other. This is similar to what many people do with websites to get noticed and to climb the ranks in the search engines. It makes sense that YouTube would not allow this if you think about it as it would cause an unfair advantage to those who are not paying for traffic that want their videos noticed. It would also artificially change rankings which does not reflect normal traffic.

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