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Moses C
Moses C, Computer Hardware Engineer
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Have HP DC7900 SFF desktop PC.Windows 10 Home 32 bit OS. 4

Customer Question

Have HP DC7900 SFF desktop PC.Windows 10 Home 32 bit OS. 4 GB DDR2 667 mghz Ram.120 GB INTEL 320 Series SSD. I surf the Web,Shop Amazon, Ebay, etc. I'd like to Retro Game,I know nothing of all the steps to get game running correct,like Steam,Old,Vintage is the new,etc.
I need Technician recommend. Classic states I need SoundBlaster card for Commodore 64 DOS games. Beyond me to determine which ones.Keeping in mind performance vs monthly electrical cost,using 8-10 hours a day.
Submitted: 7 days ago.
Category: Software
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
There's also Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 Vpro CPU. I have Super Nintendo Controller to USB in. What's the use,there's an Advanced Pirate attacking through my Fios Hardwire 150mbps Internet connection.Quite a nuisance.
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
ClassicGames also recommends VGA Video Card. What a shame the PC and Game Industries are much less than they could be,due to pirating.
Expert:  Moses C replied 7 days ago.

Hi, My name is***** am a expert with services and i will be assisting you with the question you have posted with us and will do my best to help you out today.

Did you upgrade the HP desktop computer to windows 10?

What was previously installed operating system on the HP desktop computer.

Customer: replied 3 days ago.
Hi.No. It had Windows Vista on it,there's a sticker.
Customer: replied 3 days ago.
No,thank you. It used to have W' Vista. I have a second PC,same model #, fresh download of Windows 10 Home 32 bit, and keep a fresh personal copy on a 2nd SSD with my Duplicator Machine.The one I'm using now'll be stored for parts,it has physical damage. My question's in the area of Internet Arcade gaming of old,using this particular Model # PC.One of my favorite sites, ,states a 256 color VGA Video Card, and a Sound Blaster or Adlib sound Card.Classic claims best to use, the educated choices of which particular cards to use,how many Mb's,any better choices,this is what I'm asking,so I can play the site's Commodore 64, Amiga,etc.,and many other emulators.In the new/old Hp DC7900 Small Form Factor Desktop, I'm going to use 4 x 1 Mb Ram 667 Mghz sticks, DVD-Rom, 120 GB SSD,and,of course,Windows 10 Home 32 bit OS. I can go up to 1066 Mghz in the Ram,though I'm trying to keep my Electric usage near minimal,I also ask which to choose,any tips,hint,programs,etc,as I'm having trouble extracting to folder,playing,etc. If I do not have these cards,sounds and graphics can be missing and distorted.Truly needs High Qualifications to know what to do. Thank you. Mike.
Expert:  Moses C replied 3 days ago.

Do you want to upgrade your computer or you want to know what kind of internet games are compatible with the current pc configuration you already have?

Customer: replied 2 days ago.
With current,what games compatible.
Expert:  Moses C replied 2 days ago.

With this config you can do a lot

If you like old games, you can have a look on old games that are now free. You can find games that made the history of video games:

  • Another World
  • Alone in the Dark
  • Doom
  • Sim City 2000
  • Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall…
Expert:  Moses C replied 2 days ago.

Ask me if there is any question

Customer: replied 2 days ago.
Do I need video card,Classic says vga 260 color,and a sound blaster or adlib card. There's no sound for Pom Pom Guns in Beach Head for C=64.
Customer: replied 2 days ago.
Please say for 2nd complete working system,the one I'm using now's not worth spending any more on.There's many problems on it,besides stuff like a broken Audio connector,a Hijacker,one Tech at Vipre,my Antivirus Firewall program worked on it over an hour and could get nowhere,he's very qualified,though an Advanced Pirate The Hijacker.) can have 67 degrees in Computing.My solution is the same Model desktop,fresh download,copy 2 of new,to keep replacing when needed. I'll never again really need a Tech to work on it with a fresh duplicate of the drive.I paid $400.00 for the Duplicator.
Customer: replied 2 days ago.
I meant VGA 256 colors card,can you tell me whats best in old gaming,as all slots are free on Motherboard.
Customer: replied 1 day ago.
Your not getting the picture.Why do you want to take control of a desktop I'm soon to store on the shelf for parts..............I'm asking what I can do best for the Dc7900 SFF desktop,can you study the architecure and recommend any (If that can work,I myself cannot determine that.) a 256 color Video Card,can such an old card work,and Sound Blaster Live! sound card.Or one's that work. I'm soon to have my second desktop running OK,that is the one I want to use for retro gaming,it is not connected,until back from the shop. Useless to work on this one,(I'm writing this Gmail now on it.) Im only using for shopping and Gmail.One Tech once showed me the inner of his PC,He had a modern video card,and a much older card,pre 1989, to retro on,an old Sound card,too,and modern one,he engaged the older cards when Retro Gaming,of course,the modern ones for Xbox and sundry.The setup was complex to run,I cannot remember the components,and I'm having trouble with files.I want to use Steam,too.That's probably more in synchrony with Window's 10.Though for Classic,the cards.