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I am trying to install my new 512gb Samsung 850 Pro SSD and

Customer Question

Hello, I am trying to install my new 512gb Samsung 850 Pro SSD and cannot get Windows 10 to recognize it. I tried using Samsung Magician and Data Migration however I have a 256gb Samsung 850 Pro that has my Windows 10 OS on it so I was planning to use the 512gb to store my games and files on it so I really don't want to clone my 256gb.
I hope this all makes sense?!? I read online to go ahead and use Data Migration and clone it anyway, however when I installed the new drive in my PC and rebooted it came up with a conflict (both OS installs have the same signature?)
Please help?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Lorenz Vauck replied 8 months ago.

Dear Client,

thank you very much for your question. My name is***** am a computer expert since 17 years and I will be assisting you today.

No worries, this can be fixed (had the same situation with another client already)! Can I remotely connect to your computer please, so that I can directly resolve the problem for you while you can relax and watch me doing it on your screen? This is an optional service with a one-time flat fee, regardless of how long it will take me to fix the problem. We can resume it at any time, without additional costs. It also is safe, as you will be watching your screen and we will chat there as well, so that you will always know what I will be doing next while fixing the problem.

Thanks for your patience and best regards,

Lorenz Vauck

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Since I thought I was communicating with Samsung Tech Support I am naturally a little upset and confused at this point?!? How much is the "flat fee" and I am nearing the end of my Windows 10 Pro reinstall so how would we accomplish this?
Expert:  Lorenz Vauck replied 8 months ago.

Sorry to hear this, but you are talking with a independent computer expert here. You´ve asked your question at JustAnswer, which matches people with computer questions with computer experts all over the world and I was the one who got assigned to you today. However, I own both of these drives too (256GB one for the boot, 512GB one for data), so I know how to set these up. However, why are you re-installing Windows 10 right now if I may ask and to which of the both drives?

Should we want to remote-connect later on, the price for that is a flat fee of $39, regardless how long it takes me to fix the problem.

Thank you!