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Kris Rodgers
Kris Rodgers, IT Manager
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Need BIND help on Fedora 21 running on Digital Ocean

Customer Question

Need BIND help on Fedora 21 running on Digital Ocean droplets. NAMED isn't responding to DNS queries. Issue not entirely due to firewall. Recent changes to limit recursion as ordered by Digital Ocean abuse department have resulted in non-responsiveness.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Kris Rodgers replied 1 year ago.


Are all DNS queers being rejected for just ones for certain records?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The other day when I tried to chat with you I was redirected to a payment page. My payment has already been made. I too am an expert here but my area is end user support. I'm a little challenged when it comes to networking, firewalls and linux configuration.The reason I stopped answering questions for JA is because the site is a mess, navigation is both difficult and usually lands you in the wrong place for what you're trying to do. There was no obvious way to get back to this question unless I made a duplicate payment.While I am interested in getting this question answered, I am NOT interested in paying twice. I'm attaching my BIND config and my firewall script I execute through bash.If you can tell me what I am missing I will gladly rate this excellent as I understand it's not your fault this site completely sucks.I'm an ISP that resells hosting and I run my own DNS. What I want to do is securely configure bind so it only answers when it is the authoritative name server for the domain being queried.If you know how to fix this, I will be forever grateful.Please don't send me to any more payment pages. If I end up being asked to pay again I'll just close this order and request a refund.Thanks.