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Eric Ewing
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How do you convert flat eps files where everything is on one

Customer Question

How do you convert flat eps files where everything is on one layer (downloaded from shutterstock) into separate layers? For example the attached file, i want to put the game boy, the arcade game, the controller into separate layers. All the articles online just tells me to hit 'a' but since this is all one big flat image, it just selects it all again. Is there anyway to break this image up? Let me know thanks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Eric Ewing replied 1 year ago.
Hi Luke! My name is ***** ***** I am an independent computer expert who's been paired with you through It is my pleasure to assist you.Your file attachment did not come though to me, unfortunately. Might you be able to re-attach it?To answer your question, the exact steps to do this vary based on which application you're using, but using Adobe Illustrator CC 2016 you'd want to ungroup the vector (CTRL+SHIFT+G), use the direct selection tool to select the part(s) of the vector you're interested in (select all of the Gameboy, for instance, or the controller, etc.), cut that part of the vector (CTRL+X), create a new layer (click the NEW LAYER button in the Layers panel), and then paste the vector selection into that layer (CTRL+V). Then, do those steps again for each element you'd like to have on its own layer.Now...those steps will work assuming the vector illustration was composed fairly simply -- if it utilizes masks or some such, other steps may be required. I'm happy to look at your file if you can re-attach it, or you can simply post back here to let me know if you run into problems!