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Quiksilver07070, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Software
Satisfied Customers: 793
Experience:  Install, Update, troubleshoot and remove all types of software
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I have just recieved a windows 16 GB dodad .sorry. Dose it

Customer Question

I have just recieved a windows 16 GB dodad .sorry. Dose it go into a 2 or 3 port.Since
it is a diffirant, I can put in any 25 key numbers.OH! the geek squade don't give you the forth
pamlet which has the 25 number keys.SO, I'm going to make my own25 key #'s.
Kenny jones
P S I would look into that Geek bunch, It seem frodentlly.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thank you for choosing


First of all, I'm very sorry to hear your having so much trouble.


Secondly...i would have to agree with you about the Geek Squad being a bit fraudulent. I get many complaints from customers who have used them in the past.

Im glad you came here to us at JustAnswer......we are the REAL professionals!


So, you got a Windows 16GB "dodad"? I assume you mean it is a USB flash drive that has a capacity of 16GB, and it was created and/or manufactured by Windows.


Question is ....WHY?

WHy did you get this? WHat is the intended usage for this 16GB device?

Did you order and pay for it?

And what is this thing about the 25 key numbers? What is this associated to?


If i had to guess about all this info you have listed.

I would say that you purchased this 16GB drive, with a Windows Opearting System on it already. Which MUST be accompanied with a Product Key (typically a 25 digit sequence of numbers and letters)

YOu made this purchase (for the 16GB device) to UPGRADE your computer.


Am i correct?