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Story short, I need someone that can actually go in and fix

Customer Question

Long story short, I need someone that can actually go in and fix this not tell me what to do, I have no knowledge of how to fix this the XP on my old Dell and we have a new Dell which is windows 10 all-in-one computer which of virus or something called "section 32" which is stored in the library in the new computer with my name all over it and I don't know what it is. When we had the XP I had taken it to Best Buy, Geek Squad about all they could do on the XP was put it all into one file and Corentine it or something. However it never fails it keeps coming back. It seems like someone has control over it. Whether it's my 15-year-old granddaughter which I doubt but could be, or my husband because I know he used to do something on the computer which was connected to his work when he talked to certain people or something but I could never find out or figure it out. Everything seems to be through MSN which I don't use. And I know this has a lot of different codes and what ever, no one can change anything on it except maybe whoever put it in there. They can ruin and run my life with different things and I want it's gone, someone is playing games with me. Is there way to find out who is doing this, who put this on my computer, and how do I get rid of it? Please help before I completely fall apart, either my husband is having an affair or someone is trying to make me believe he is. We did reset our new computer back to factory condition because it is at windows 10, but it did not work, everything about the section 32 was left in the library and not deleted so I don't know how to get rid of this?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Cody replied 1 year ago.

Hello, maybe we can setup a remote session and I can get a better idea of what you're talking about.

Expert:  Cody replied 1 year ago.

Checking in to see if you still need help with this issue, if so please reply at your convenience.