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I just need someone to Guarantee that they could install a

Customer Question

Hi I just need someone to Guarantee that they could install a remote control software (free share screen software preferably if possible) that will work with a mouse and Keyboard for remote control access for my second screen user on my PC.
I have a PC that has two screens and two mouse and two keyboard attached to it and each screen works independently from each other at any one time including mouse and keyboards.
I have tried Team Viewer but it will only control one way that is out from the user but not back to the user as when I type in the password ***** will not recognise it this is while using my second screen. However it will work on my 1st screen no matter if I am logged in as Admin or User.
Even when I am connected and attempt to swap control even this will not work. However it does work on JoinME share screen software but that software does not have keyboard control and seem slow and not very clear on controller end and is web based which may be the issue. I am only willing to pay my initial deposit and not pay for remote assistance and would need this remote asistance as part of the acceptance of taking on this question. Maybe the Share Screen software you are using will work? I may give a small bonus if happy with Answer as I have done this before. I may give a small bonus if happy with Answer as I have done this before
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Chris Baxter replied 1 year ago.


Remote Assistance to set up the program you are discussing WILL require an additional charge on top of the initial deposit you have already paid, this is due to the unfortunate fact that time is money, and we are users of the site just as you are. I can recommend a program, as I use JoinMe as well, but you are correct, it is web-based. Installation of JoinME is very simple, as I am sure you have already used it.

Keyboard control comes in many forms:

TeamViewer may also be an option:

A personal favorite is LogMeIn:

If you need remote assistance, you can ask, however; I will charge for that service, so I will opt out if necessary to see if others will take that service request, if needed. :)