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I have a FostexMR-8HD and am having difficulty getting both

Customer Question

I have a FostexMR-8HD and am having difficulty getting both tracks of a song to my PC. I have been successful with recording and overdubbing,and have been quite pleased with the final product. I have been successful with WAV file conversion and exporting data to my personal computer. However, when I play the song on my PC, I am only hearing one track (vocals) with a very faint representation of the other track (guitar). As I said I have had no trouble hearing both tracks when I play it on my Fostex unit. I have read my manual carefully (I'm relatively new in my recording efforts) and have tried several different permutations of the settings which I thought may have been the problem, but thusfar no luck. I get the feeling that perhaps a setting I haven't tweaked yet may be the solution but need some assistance if possible. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with the Fostex. Thanks for your help.
LMW in Chico
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  burnstudios replied 2 years ago.

Hi there.. My name is ***** ***** I will be helping you.

Can you tell me what kind of cable you are using between your Fostex unit and your pc?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm using a USB cable that is recommended in the manual. In other words my cable connects the USB port of the MR8HD (and not the USB Host) to my computer's USB port.) I'm not sure of the name of the type of cable, but it is the same type that connects my printer to my PC.
Expert:  burnstudios replied 2 years ago.

When you have the trim turned all the way to the left you are turning the gain down for whatever source you are recording. Which is why you can not hear your guitar on playback. Also make sure you are bouncing your mix down to stereo and not mono.. What are the position of the pan knobs? Do you have the guitar centered? or is it panned left or right?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your response. Your comment and further questions have begun to shed some light on what may very well be the source of my difficulties. My plan is to relate to you what I have done thus far, explaining the steps I went through to get to the recording I currently have. I understand how adjusting the TRIM all the way to the left affected the viable recording of that source, essentially negated my recording of that track (i.e., guitar). That actually happened at the time of my first vocal overdubbing effort which left the guitar portion inaudible. My next effort at overdubbing, this time with the TRIM in the appropriate position (right) resulted in a viable overdubbed recording. This was despite virtually ignoring (and being ignorant of) the apparently necessary aspects of the recording you had mentioned in your last e-mail, i.e., bouncing my mix down to stereo and not mono, with the Pan knobs remaining untouched and standing at 12 O'clock, and, not surprisingly, all the inputs were in their default centered positions, panned neither left nor right. I'm assuming (and hoping) that your questions seek to rule out other circumstances/anomalies which may be the cause(s) of my guitar track fade after what appeared to be a successful WAV file conversion and file exportation to my PC, which brings me to this question:
-- Since my present attempt at overdubbing resulted in a successful blend of both Tracks 1 & 2, (e.g., without the guitar track becoming inaudible) and the guitar fade only occurring after the file conversion and exportation, might I have inadvertently made a procedural error (e.g., leaving out a step or making an erroneous setting adjustment) that would have resulted in my present quandary? I admit that I may be grasping at straws but something like that would be a pleasant resolution.
I look forward to your input and thank you for your help.
Expert:  burnstudios replied 2 years ago.

The trim knobs/gain knob... control how loud your source is going into the fostex. You should get a nice clean signal without clipping.. Turning it all the way to the left turns it all the way down, to the right all the way up.. You want to find a happy medium. After you have recorded your tracks you can adjust the volume of each source with the faders.. The pan knobs are for panning your source left or right.. or right up the middle. I'm not really sure why your guitar track would fade out.. did it fade out at the end of the song?