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Adam Ziolkowski
Adam Ziolkowski,
Category: Software
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I own a small taxi business and I advertise at a local

Customer Question

I own a small taxi business and I advertise at a local airport. They have just written to me asking for a banner ad that they will include on their new web site. They are asking for it to be 275 x 75 pixels and in jpg format. I understand the jpg part but can you please explain what the 275 x 75 pixel part means ?
Does it just mean that it should measure 2.8" x .8" ?
Thank you...
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Adam Ziolkowski replied 1 year ago.

no pxels are tiny dots on the screen those pixels converted to inches are 2.864583333333 x 0.78125 INCHES You can use this calculator to calculate other number let me know if this helps

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Okay I looked at the airport's web site and can see other "banners" from other businesses there.

I said 2.8 x .8" I was rounding off what I'd googled. Your numbers are almost the same !

Please will you take a look here:

I am Casper Cabs (Top right) . I guess they want a logo/banner like the Hilton Garden Inn / Parkway Plaza etc.

Correct ?

Expert:  Adam Ziolkowski replied 1 year ago.

Yes i look at those banners and that is how big they in pixels they are thse size you said give or take a few pixels.