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Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey,
Category: Software
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Experience:  CEO at Rebnetik Enterprises LLC
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If i reinstall the window 7 32 bits what kind of software or

Customer Question

hello, if i reinstall the window 7 32 bits what kind of software or files will affect, i have software only can only in window 7. not window 8. what different it makes window 7 or window 8, not only the ie is slowly is that all? i have chrome as well,
so i have two browser, can u reinstall the window 7 32 bit for me? plese explain what kind of file possibily affect.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Robert Bailey replied 2 years ago.

This will only affect your personal files if you do a custom reinstall. If you are just reinstalling over existing without doing the custom install it will overwirte your windows system files and any files you have in the system directories. (i.e. C:\windows, c:\program files etc..) Your documents, videos, music, and pictures will be in a directory marked .old or since profiles are still intact to the users directory they will still reside there.. I would recommend investing into either OneDrive, GoogleDrive, or Dropbox to effectively backup what you're trying to save to provide some backup of your files.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
can u you do it for me, save all the file and back up and intall lthe window 7, 32bits
and window 7 32 bites is that okay for the normal use? what is the difffernt between window 7 or window 8 .if you do the remote view, how much it will charge
Expert:  Robert Bailey replied 2 years ago.

I can do the saving of the files and start the reinstall remotely however you will need to monitor at certain points as it will cut my connection and then reestablish if it can in process. Overall what are you trying to achieve? Is there an issue with the current OS? I would need to reinstall if we can initially find out what's going on with the current. I would charge $45.00 to review and if we cannot fix I can provide the additional charges if required. The $45 would be applied to the additional if required.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i am in china, so it will be very expensive to do that,can you do live chat instead
Expert:  Robert Bailey replied 2 years ago.

live chat using which software? If you're using some sort of live chat software you're using the same connection which would be just as expensive. We have our own remote software for this type of service.